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Q. May I use other products on my hair and scalp after using Doctor's Approach Hair & Scalp Solution Kit?

A. Yes, you may use any gels, mousses, oils, and hair spray on your hair after using step 1 and 2.


Q. Which hair styles do I need to wear after using Doctor's Approach Hair & Scalp Solution Kit?

A. You may style your hair any way you would like after using the products. Using a blow dryer, curling iron or rollers are all okay.


Q. Is it okay to have a perm or color after using the kit?

A. Yes, your routine of applying chemicals (perms and color) can be continued.


Q. Who should or should not use Doctor's Approach Hair & Scalp Solution Kit?

A. Doctor's Approach Hair & Scalp Solution Kit is intended for all hair types and is gentle enough to use everyday. Caution, as it is not a "tear-free" product and is not for very young children. Avoid getting it in the eyes.


Q. Can this product be used along with prescription shampoos my doctor may give me?

A. Yes, Doctor's Approach Hair & Scalp Solution Kit can be used right along with prescription shampoos. Use Doctor's Approach Soothing Shampoo as directed as the first shampoo. Then use the prescription shampoo as the second lather. Use the Doctor's Approach conditioner after the shampoos.


Q. Can Doctor's Approach Hair & Scalp Solution Kit be used along with prescription scalp products my doctor may give me?

A. Yes, follow all the directions for the Doctor's Approach Hair & Scalp Solution Kit (all steps). Rinse the conditioner out and pat the hair dry. Then use the prescription scalp solution after the final step. Throughout the week apply the Doctor's Approach scalp gel.


Q. Is it okay to use a moisturizing shampoo after the Doctor's Approach Soothing Shampoo?

A. Yes, absolutely., Some people like to use a moisturizing shampoo after Doctor's Approach Soothing Shampoo because it may make styling of the hair easier. It will not weaken the effect of the kit. Always use the Doctor's Approach Soothing Moisturizing Conditioner after the final shampoo.


Q. May I take a multi vitamin along with the Hair & Nail Vitamin?

A. Yes, the Hair & Nail Vitamin contains ingredients which aid to strengthen the hair & nail growth. The body has other vitamin & mineral requirements not contained in the Hair & Nail Vitamin.


Skin Care Questions and Answers:


Q. How frequently should I wash my face?

A. Twice a day should be sufficient. Morning and night are the best times to wash your face. The am cleansing will remove surface oils, while the pm cleansing is the most important to remove makeup, dirt and debris from a full day. If you exercise or work in a dusty environment, then cleansing early evening, right after work, may be more appropriate. Remember to clean right up to the hairline to remove oils that originate from the scalp. Try either of the Doctor's Approach Purifying Cleansers.


Q. Should I wear a hydrator if my skin is oily?

A. People with oily skin may still have areas on the face that need moisture. Use Doctor's Approach Skin Nurturing Cream to moisturize those areas that may be dry, like around the mouth. Everyone benefits from using moisture around the delicate eyelid tissues, try the Doctor's Approach Eye Nurturing Cream.


Q. Should people of color wear sunscreen, even if I don't sunburn?

A. Everyone should wear sunscreens to help protect the skin from the damaging rays of the sun and help prevent premature aging. Sunscreens will aid in the prevention of irregular blotchy and dark brown pigment. This is important if you get acne and the old blemishes turn dark brown or red. Unprotected sun exposure will only make this worse. Remember to apply sunscreen 10-15 minutes before you go outside. At the very least, protect your face and exposed areas. Remember, we get most of our damaging rays from the sun before we are 18 years old. Protect the children!


Q. What can I do to add moisture to my skin? It is very dry.

A. Drink plenty of water daily (up to 8 glasses a day). Your requirements may be more if you exercise and perspire heavily. Fresh, hydrated skin depends upon the body's intake of water. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will also help with moisture balance. Try the Doctor's Approach Skin Nurturing Cream for extra hydration.


Q. I still have a question for a dermatologist.

A. Contact us at Doctor's Approach Dermatology website or by phone 517.993.5899.

*Medical questions cannot be answered by email. Medical questions can only be addressed at a visit to the office