Doctor's Approach Hair System


The Doctor's Approach Hair System is an all inclusive hair treatment that will leave your hair feeling healthy and beautiful. 

Doctor's Approach Soothing Shampoo - Dermatologist developed and tested to help improve dry, itchy and flaking scalp conditions. Enriched with herbal extracts, Tea Tree Oil and Menthol. Gentle for everyday use. It deeply cleans, reduces flakiness and is excellent for all hair types.

Doctor's Approach Soothing Shampoo - This excellent formula quickly penetrates deep into the hair shaft and scalp to soothe, condition, moisturize, and strengthen the hair. This clinically-tested formula soothes the scalp and opens the pores to deeply nourish the hair root with natural extracts, amino acids, and wheat protein.  It contains soothing and tingling ingredients that reduce dryness, itching and flaking, while providing additional moisture and strength.

System also includes a Scalp Stimulator. This invigorating handheld scalp brush is perfect to increase the lather of your shampoo and remove the dead cell layers and lifting dirt and debris from the scalp. Increase circulation by using light circular motions.

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